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Links with Coleraine Borough Council and Zomba Municipality

Links With Coleraine Borough Council

Coleraine Borough Council initiated in 2002 the concept of widespread community participation in a 10+years supportive relationship with a developing world community.
Zomba in Malawi was chosen because there are historical connections between the Presbyterian and Catholic churches and Malawi, sustained by a number of specific local contacts. The expectation is that there will be mutual benefits of cultural appreciation and understanding from the relationship, with sustainable material benefits for the people of Zomba.

Coleraine Borough Council developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Zomba , helped by a visit from two Coleraine Councillors, John Dallat and David McClarty, who are also Members of the NI Assembly. They visited Zomba in 2002 when in South Africa on Assembly business returning with the Mayor of Zomba's signature to the Memorandum between the two Councils.
The setting up of ZAP as a charity  was initiated by members of Coleraine Borough Council, together with interested members of the community, as a development of this link to raise and administer funds to support practical assistance to the people of Zomba District and to give the Coleraine community an increased world vision.
Active support and involvement  by members of the Coleraine Borough Council and staff in management, administration and fundraising of ZAP are key factors in its ongoing working and fulfilling of its aims.

Links to Other Organisations and Campaigns we support.

www.ContainersForMalawi.org - ZAP  buys  space in containers being organised by Containers for Malawi linked to the Board of Mission Overseas of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Jubilee Debt Campaign - A campaign supported by Zomba Action Project for the cancellation of debt owed by many of the poorest countries of the world.

Make Poverty History - Zomba Action Project is a member of this coalition campaigning for change.

Trade Justice Movement - A group campaigning for trade justice - not free trade - with the rules weighted to benefit poor people and the environment. The Zomba Action Project is part of this group.


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