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About Us - Exchange Visits

Exchange Visits - the development of mutual understanding.

 Goodwill and understanding are needed for the development of a relationship between two peoples of different cultures where those differences are reinforced by a significant disparity in wealth.

 The Mayor, Councillor Maurice Bradley, and the Director of EH, Kieran Doherty, visit the Zomba Council's Community Centre in April 2008, where the football ground at the Centre is being developed with help from ZAP.

Interest and general awareness are good starting points for this development of understanding. However, the direct experience from an exchange visit takes this understanding a stage further. To put this pedestrian comment in context; an exchange visit can be a life changing event for the visitor.

Most visitors to Zomba are taken aback by the limited infrastructure and the need for self reliance; they are enthused by the exuberance of life in Zomba. It takes us a few days to get used to the sun being in the North at midday. You see dozens of people walking along every road; you hear the sound of singing from every school, every church and every community group. 

Visitors from Zomba exclaim at the structured, ordered nature of our lives; and at the level of waste in our society. Our wealth amazes them. 

The life changing aspect of a visit to Zomba comes about when you observe not only dire poverty but the consequences of that poverty and, perhaps most significantly, you become aware that you can do something to address the problems. 

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