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Schools in Coleraine are linked with schools in Zomba, enabling the pupils to learn something about each other’s lives.

Zomba Classroom
At School in Zomba

The pupils gain first-hand experience of global issues and, in recognition of the divide between the rich and the poor, local pupils learn what can be done to help address that divide.

In support of these school to school links, a project pack called "Welcome to Zomba" can be downloaded here. 

The project pack is supportive of the Year 6/7 school curriculum. It introduces pupils to Malawi and tells them something about life there.

It includes a comprehensive list of web references which can be used in the project and for further work on geography and citizenship.

There is also a shorter project;'The Same Only Different' available here .

This project uses photos to help pupils explore the  similarities and differences that exist between ourselves and a less economically developed country (LEDC) such as Malawi. It can be tackled at a number of levels and is designed to be used by the most able pupils through to those with special educational needs.

The Malawian photographs for 'The Same, Only Different' can be found here.

Schools in Zomba are very needy; conditions are vastly different from N Ireland, with large (70+) classes and few resources. As well as broadening their knowledge of the developing world, Coleraine schools play a part in addressing these needs by fundraising to improve conditions for their peers in Zomba. ZAP is keen to have more schools learn about Malawi and support schools there either directly or through ZAP.

Why not include ZAP in your school’s charity fundraising this year -  Also, with ZAP’s help, your school could link with a partner school in Zomba and share in the benefits of this partnership. If your school is interested, a member of ZAP can visit and talk to your pupils about Zomba and the conditions there, based on first hand experience of what they have seen. Speakers use PowerPoint presentations, original photos and artefacts from Malawi.

To find out more, contact Roisin McCaughan at r.mccaughan@btinternet.com or Elizabeth Snelling at elizabeth.snelling@ramorehead.com.


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