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Alternative Christmas Gifts To Help Zomba

In 2015 children and adults in the Zomba area of Malawi have suffered from the effects of a cyclone and drought and many are facing hunger in the coming months. Can you assist them through a donation or a gift of alternative presents?

Alternative giving is a form of gift giving in which the giver makes a donation to a charitable organization (Zomba in this case) on the gift recipient’s behalf, rather than giving them an item. The idea of giving something to one person by paying another was applied by Benjamin Franklin as a "trick  for doing a great deal of good with a little money", which came to be known as "pay it forward." 

Kate Middleton and Prince William made the decision to "Pay it Forward" with their wedding gifts, asking that the money to be used for gifts be given to charities and good causes.

Click here to see what alternative gifts you could give this Christmas to help families in Zomba!


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